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Halal Restaurant in Phnom Penh
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Phnom Penh: Saron Restaurent

Cambodian food is closely related to the cuisines of Thailand and Laos, and to a lesser extent Vietnam, but it has a different number of local dishes. The overall consensus is that Khmer cooking is like Thailand is not spicy. Curry, stir tried vegetables, noodles, rice and soup is a taste of the Khmer diet.

Cambodia is well known in the area for fishes, fermented fish paste, which is used in a variety of traditional dishes. Serve bottled water and tap water should not be drunk. Similarly, salad and fruit served at these establishments are safe. Tours are based on the development of the full Board. For a full day, lunch can be provided if enough restaurants available.

Phnom Penh is far and away the best place to try Khmer cuisine Reap cheap though there are also some excellent restaurants. One of the easiest and most affordable to acquaint themselves with cooking Khmer is to wander into the stalls of food found in markets across the country and just charging food before decide what to eat. In Phnom Penh, you also have the choice of the best of Thailand, Vietnam, China, France and Mediterranean cooking.

Rice is the main food Battambang in Cambodia and is the country's rice bowl. Most Cambodian dishes are cooked in a Wok, which is known locally as a khteak Chhnang.

1-Samlor Kako: is one of the national dishes. It uses an incredible range of ingredients to achieve a range of sophisticated features, including its famous Prahok cheese or fermented fish unique to Khmer cuisine.


2-Amok: It is a kind of Khmer food that they cook uses fresh fish or meat mix coconut oil. It has many kinds of Amok that the test are not the same. Try it better that I tell how delicious it is.







3-Prahok: Prahouk is tractitional khmer food. Mostly about 60% of khmer food they use Prahok as the main ingredient. Prahok is make from fresh fish and salt by keep it more than one month.

Saron Restaurent is a locat restaurent running by Khmer Islam that you can order these Khmer food, Thai and Malaysian Halal food. It is located at Monivoung Blvd, Near Kalmette Hospital, Phnom Penh. The test of this restaurent is delicious and  spicy.


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