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What is Halal food?

What does Halal food mean? This is a very difficult question to answer the real halal food for Muslim people. Because to get the halal food, they have to follow roles, condition of halal food and have to do it step by step too. But it is a very easy question for Non-Muslim People to answer. Why? Because in Cambodia is a 95% non-Muslim people and it is a non Muslim country too. So, they just know Halal Food is a kind of food without pork or free of pork. For example, they can make a chicken soup or fry beef for Muslim people without focus where the chicken comes from, who kill it, how to cook and so on . Sometime, they have added blood of chicken or duck with their soup. In addition, some restaurants here they just use Halal logo on the name of their shop sigh, poster or calling card but you can take note inside their restaurants are served beer, wine and they don't know what halal is. We cannot get the resolution in this case because in Cambodia we don't have halal system and our Muifti is under consider to  set up it. we hope Allah will bless soon. Ameen

Alhamtonilah, we can mention basic Halal principle by 1-the owner must be Muslim, 2-Restaurent have halal Certificate from Cambodia Mufti. 3-Restaurents have no served wine, beer or selling pork in side. Because of no halal system her, CAMTOUR have to do and double ckeck of defination as below: 

Definition of our Camtour!

1-Provide the reliable halal food

Restaurants and Catering of our stuffs who are called as halal manager together to examine kitchen and talking about halal with resaurents owner to secure the food is 100% halal which we arrange for our Muslim clients.

2-Care of praying during our tour

Arrange the Mosque, Masjid, praying room for our Muslim client during our tour. Unfortunately, we cannot find them easily in Cambodia. If at the remote area, we also provide Qiblah in the guest rooms and lend the prayer rug.

3-Friendly hospitality by the local Muslim

We always arrange our Muslim stuff for you as tour guide, tour escort, and tour attendant at least and we treat you as our brothers and sisters from our sincere heart.

4- Services based on the Halal standard

Every each services are provided based on the Cambodian Mufti and following Mufti advice. All restaurants must have halal certificate if have only logo halal and serve alcohol or no Muslim staff inside, we do not select to serve our clients.

5-Preserve the Halal tour contents

Camtour is managed by one Muslim owner and each Halal friendly tour is planned by Muslim stuffs , so we can offer Halal tour contents not only for foods but also for shopping, sight-seeing, inspection and everything during the tour.

Luckily, We have many restaurents as good enough dinifition as Halal restaurents and some provinces without halal restaurents, we can order from local Muslim villagers. The visitors can find the Malaysian food, Singaporean Food, thai food and local halal food if you like and want to test differently The cost is not too bed such as starting from 3.00$,4.00$ a bowl and up to 9.00$ a bowl, butfe set is $7:00 to $13:00/ person and soft drink is 1.00 to 2.50$ a glass. Just take note, we should booking first because some restaurents are late to serve and we no need to get boring by waiting.

Here are some kind of Halal food that you can find in Cambodia:

1-Local khmer halal food 

2-Malaysian halal food

3-Thai halal food 

4-Indian halal food

5-Vietnamise halal food 

6-Western halal and so on

In this case, We would like to recomment mostly only khmer halal food, Malaysian halal food, Indian halal food and thai halal food because they are easy to find and there are many restaurents that can cook them in Cambodia. Others, we can serve too but it is difficult to find the cook. By the way, there are alot restaurents can cook western food or vietname food but they are not halal. Just take a note, there are some Indian restaurents in Cambodia are not halal, you can see in shop they have serve wine and beer as well.

We are glad to serve all Muslim or non Muslim visitors who are looking Halal food in Phnom Penh, Siem reap and all provinces in Cambodia because some provinces there are no halal restaurents. You just send us or calling by hand phone: +855 98 555 299.

Click below link to see some food pictures and all the restuarents in Cambodia

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