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Muslim NGOs in Cambodia

Cambodia is one of poor and under development country in Asia because this country has effected by Khmer Rouge and civil war about 30 years. In this last 10 years, Economy was increased faster after the first National election in 1993 that was administered by United Nations Transitional Authority for Cambodia ( UNTAC) . Then, Cambodia law, National Assembly and senate were set up.  By these cases, there are a lot NGOs and Association have made in the purpose to reduce poverty, human right and a very important part to develop the country. Then, there are many Muslim NGOs too have made and worked in many provinces. Now, You can find many things related to Khmer Islam in Cambodia such Muslim Tour package in Phnom Penh, Muslim Tour Package in Siem Ream, Islamic School, Islamic Orphanage Center, Halal food, Halal restaurant in Phnom Penh, In Siem Reap or in Kampong Cham and so on. In this occasion, Cambodian Muslim Tour ( CAMTOUR) would like to share some of Non-Government organization that are operated by  Muslim in and outside Country. All of these NGOs have worked for develop Muslim in Cambodia or Khmer Islam here. We also share high rank position of Muslim leaders in government too with the list below:

Here are some name list of NGOS:

1-Cambodian Muslim Development Foundation (CMDF)

2-Cambodian Muslim Student Association ( CAMSA)

3-Islamic Medical Association of Cambodia (IMAC)

4-Muslim Aid, Cambodia Field Office ( International NGO)

5-Cambodian Al-Barakah Charity Organization

6-Cambodian Islamic Women Development Association (CIWODA)

7-Cambodian Muslim Community Development

8-Cambodia Islamic Association (CIA)

9-Cambodian Islamic Youth Association (CIYA)

10-Islamic Local Development Organization (ILDO)

( We will update soon such as full address, sete, and contact number when we get news data)


List of Muslim Lerders 

The Following Description is the Cambodia’s Muslim Leaders historical recorded for the Mandate of (2008):

1 - H.E. Othsman Hassan
- Secretary of State, Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training
- Advisor and Special Envoy to Prime Minister Samdech Hun Sen
- President of Cambodian Muslim Development Foundation (CMDF)
- Secretary General, the Foundation for Cambodian People’s Poverty Alleviation (PAL)CPP

2- H.E. Zakarya Adam
- Secretary of State, Ministry of Cults and Religion
- Vice President of CMDF
- General Secretary of CIC 
- Vice-Chairperson of IWMC, CPP

3- H.E. Sith Ibrahim
- Secretary of State, Ministry of Cults and Religion, FUN

4- H.E. Dr. Sos Mousine
- Under Secretary of State, Ministry of Rural Development
- President of Cambodian Muslim Students Association and IMAC
- Member of CMDF
- Under-General Secretary of CIC, CPP

5- H.E. Sem Sokha
- Under Secretary of State, Ministry of Social Affairs and Veterans
- Member of CMDF, CPP

6- Her.E. Madame Kob Mariah
- Under Secretary, Ministry of Women
- General Secretary of Cambodian Islamic Women Development
- Cambodian Islamic Women’s Development Organization Association and member of CMDF, CPP

7- H.E. Msas Loh
- Under Secretary of State, Office of the Council of Ministers
- Patron of Cambodian Islamic Association

8 H.E. Paing Punyamin
- Member of Parliament representing Kampong Chhnang
- Member of CMDF
- Executive Member of CIC, CPP

9- H.E. Sman Teath
- Member of Parliament representing Pursat
- Member of CMDF 
- Under-General Secretary of CIC, CPP

10- H.E. Ahmad Yahya
- Member of Parliament representing Kampong Cham
- President of Cambodian Islamic Development Association (CIDA), SRP

11- H.E. Wan Math
- Member of the Senate
- President of Cambodian Islamic Association, CPP

12- H.E. Sabo Bacha
- Member of the Senate

13- Mr. Sem Soprey
- Vice Governor of Kampong Cham province
- Member of CMDF

14- Mr. Saleh Sen
- Vice Governor of Kampong Chhnang province
- Member of CMDF

15- H.E. Ismail Osman
- Advisor to Samdech Krompreah Norodom Rannarith, President of the National Assembly

16- General Chao Tol
- Assistant to the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia

17- General Sen Komary
- Head of Department of Health, Ministry of National Defense
- Member of IMAC

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