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How man orphanage centers for Islamic orphans in Cambodia? Where are they located? Why the orphanage centers have made?

In Cambodia history, We have passed Khmer rouge almost 4 years that was killed more than 3 million people. After this event, The civel war has came and the fighting between 3 parties, Black and red Cambodian party ( 2 living in the forest) and Goverment army, CPP, and has happened. All things have destroyed such as schools, pagodas, hospitals, humans and so on. Khmer poeple as well as Khmer Islam were effected and there were alot of people became handicapts, homeless, orphans and widows.

In year 2003, Cambodia has done election and most of things in the country has rebuilted and repaired. Then, Some Orphanage Centers has opened to collect orphans and homeless children to provide food, education and religous study.  In addition, our Islamic center or Orphnage Center have built and opened too. There are more than 10 orphanage centers that have made in Cambodia such as in Kampot, Kampong som( Sihanoukville), Kampong CHam, Kandal and Phnom Penh city.

List of some Orphanage Centers:

1-Orphanage Center's House of Emirate for Orphans, Phnom Penh:

Orphanage Center's House of Emirate for Orphans( HEO) has operated by Islamic Medical Association of Cambodia, which is located about 5 km from Phnom Penh city. There are  100 orphans ( Only Boy) from the different provinces in the whole country, mostly from Kampong Cham, Khompong Thom, Kratie, Kampong Som( Sihanuk Vill) province....The ages from 8-15 years 50%, 15-20 years 40% and 20 up 10%. From 7-7-2007, There are 3 students who just attend University.We have collected them from different situation and places. For example, the HIV's families..... When they were adopt and take care by  HEO, They are very lucky because they have enough food for eating, 3 time food/ day,studied Public school, Islamic studies, Arab and some English.

General situation, You can imagine about their behavior, character( The children have no body take care, not enough food, not go to school...) Alhamtonilah, from day to day Allah bless them, Most of them get better and better be changing to be a good children.

 In the presents time, HEO need one school, has two floors  for providing vocational training classes of Islamic study, English and we plant to provide Computer class too. Normal visiting of visitor, I would like to recommend to donate stationary( books, pens...), school Uniform ( Shirt, pans and shoes) or some Sotikah to them directly for their personal expense at Public school.

2- Orphanage Center at Chom Cheo,Phnom Penh:

This Orphanage Center was donated by Kuwait. It has provided Orphans with food, Islamic study and Public study.

3-Orphanage Center at Km8,Phnom Penh:

In this centers, there are 50 small orphans who are living in one building in Muslim community, Km8, Phnom Penh. They are come from the village around this area.

4-Kampot province: There are 3 ophanage Centers more. It take about 3hr to 4hr to reach there.

5-In Kampong Cham: There many 2 mores. In this province there are a lot Muslim villages, Islamic schools and mosques.

CAMTOUR would like to apoligize for less information about these Centers and we will update information about these orphanage centers with full detail address and information. 

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