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Qurban in Cambodia

Qurban is an Islamic religion ceremony that Muslim People always do it in Raya Aidil adha day. Cambodian Muslim Tour is a Halal tour operator that always arranges the Qurban package such as in Phnom Penh, Kampong Cham, Kampong Thom, Kampong Chnnang and Siem Reap and so on. Then, we would like to share about Qurban in Cambodia because Khmer Islam always do Qurban as other Muslims in the world too. By the way, Qurban is an Islamic ceremony for slotting Cow, Goat and sheep. It is always done in Raya Aidil adha day. Raya Aidil adha is the main Islamic religion ceremony that millions of Muslims have to go to Mecca to perform the Hajj at Saudi Arabia every year, requirement 1-only in Islam,2-rich family and 3-who have good enough health , to perform the Hajj at least  one time in her/his lifetime because It is a 5th Pillar of Islamic religion.

By the way, Developed countries always do the Qurban program among poor countries that have Muslim living. They are always do slotting Cows, goats and sheep during Qurban day. For Example, in Cambodia is one of poor country that has some developed Muslim countries such as Malaysia, Arabic and Turkey as well came to do Qurban program. The meaning of this program is to help the poor people to get a delicious food at least per time a year because the some poor families cannot buy good meat for their cook. Mostly, Islamic community provides the meat to every family according the cows that they get from Cambodian Mufti and donors. In addition, some village do not receive the meats because the cows are not enough to the remote areas.













In case the cows are donated from outside by NGOs or direct to Muslim community, We mostly have done the processing as well:


1- Donor has given budget to Imam Masjid to buy the cow 2 or 3 week before Raya (ceremony) day (depend on quantity of cows) because if the time is short it’s difficult to buy the cow.

2- The list people for doing Qurban should be sent one week before

3-  Donor can come to slot the cows by themselves or let’s Imam Masjid take some pictures send back later

Imam Masjid( Organizer)

1  Imams Masjid( Mosque committees) has to check cow when he buys it as such the cow is old and healthy enough for Qurban or not.

2  Organize slotting the cow

3   Contributing the meat to all family in the village (the same weight)

4  Take some pictures or video( 1-Standing, 2-lying, 3- slotting and 4-contributing)

Qurban 2014 Price

Cambodian Muslim Tour whould like to ask a few questions about Qurban this year 2014 as well:

1-How much a regular price of a Cow, Sheep and goaf for Qurban in Cambodia this year 2014?

2-Among 600,000 Muslim in Cambodia, How many Qurban ( Cow, sheep and goaf) should be slaughtered that can be enough for them?

3- How many gram of meat they should be get each family?

Before read the full tex below, Cambodian Muslim Tour would like to give some reports of Qurban price for Cow only (50kg-60kg/Cow)in Cambodia in year 2011-2012-2013:

2011: 1 Cow-300-350$

2012: 1 Cow-400-450$

2013: 1 Cow-450-500

2014: 1 Cow-:.....?...

Now, Cambodian Muslim Tour would like you to spend a few minute across this local news in Phnom Penh post, date, 30 October, 2012 which was talking about Qurban in Cambodia. Then, all of you can estimated Qurban cost in year 2014?

Original post or click the link at the end of this text

in High demand for beef, particularly during the Islamic Qurban festival which ended yesterday, caused beef prices to almost double compared with the same period last year, according to Islamic leaders and officials.

Him Khortieth, IKatan  Mahabbah Muslimin’s (IMAN) representative in Cambodia, said the association planned to share out over 100 cows for free which were originally sold at a double price to Cham communities in at least two provinces, Kampong Cham and Kampong Chhnang, during the Qurban festival.

He said the Islamic festival required Muslims to sacrifice one beloved thing, particularly the sacrifice of a livestock animal, which is a favourite of Islamic people.

He also said that for cows aged more than two years, the price was more than US$200 each last year but climbed to about $400 at this time.

He noted that the price increase resulted from the large-scale exports to Vietnam and said they had fed the cows less sufficiently then before.

“Even though the price is so high, we still find it hard to buy them,” he said, adding that with this festival, the number of cows automatically increase because there were thousands of cows available.

Abdul Rah Man, president of an Islamic Association in Cambodia, said that last year they were able to buy one cow for $300 to give it to the community, but this year is different because $350 is not sufficient.

He said his association, supported by other Islamic charities abroad, shared 255 cows for killing to share the meat with poor Muslims.

He said there were around 60,0000 Cham people in the country.

Over the three days of the festival, each Cham person would eat at least 0.3 kilograms of beef, according to Abdul Rah Man.

Sen Sovann, deputy director of Animal Health and Production Department at the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, said that there were some factors leading to a decrease in beef production.

This included farmers using agricultural machines instead of animals and the fact that youths started jobs at factories and there was not enough labour for raising cows.

He said the current price increase resulted from huge exports to the Vietnamese market.

“It is related to huge exports to Vietnam,” he said. “Feeding in our country is not as comprehensive as before because farmers changed to use machines, which leads to a drop in the number of cows.”

Souce: Phnom Penh Post 2012

Click here if you want to see our Youtube video of Popular places in Cambodia.


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